The Flintham Museum

The Museumaker Project

The Museumaker project is an exciting and innovative venture.

The Flintham Museum, Nottinghamshire was awarded a grant to produce a permanent installation 'with a difference'. Ground behind the museum was landscaped to make a weather garden which linked in with a display in the museum.

The Flintham Museum looks at rural life through the eyes of a village shopkeeper. Fred White ran the village shop from 1911-1949 when his daughter took over the shop until its closure in 1982. From 1911 until the 1970s Fred and Muriel jotted down the day's takings and recorded the weather. In the days before fridges and freezers it was important to know if there was likely to be a very hot or cold spell as this could affect ordering and the keeping qualities of fresh food.

Every day the museum opens visitors are able to open flaps and see what the weather was like on that day over six decades. This idea was developed into a weather garden on land behind the museum.

Martin Smith was engaged to make the weather garden. His designs and commentary about the process are on his blog site at






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